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The NWT Discovery Portal is the most comprehensive online source for environmental monitoring knowledge in the Northwest Territories. It is administered by the NWT Cumulative Impact Monitoring Program. The Portal is a search tool that allows users to access data, metadata and reports. It is also a share tool that allows users to contribute by uploading research and monitoring information. [Learn More...]

What's New?

Click here for the 2020-21 NWT Cumulative Impact Monitoring Program Annual Report.

Access the CIMP Project Fact Sheet by Region 1999-2021.

Dehcho Region Project Results Videos:

  1. 1. CIMP203 - Fish in the Liard River Watershed: Observations from Community Harvesters - (Acho Dene First Nation)
  2. 2. CIMP199 - Water in a Changing Climate - (University of Montreal)
  3. 3. CIMP132 - Great Slave Lake Food-web Dynamics Study - (Department of Fisheries and Oceans)
  4. 4. CIMP219 - Cumulative effects of fire, permafrost, and human development on caribou habitat and recovery - (Wilfrid Laurier University)
  5. 5. CIMP154 - Understanding Fish Mercury Concentrations in Dehcho Lakes - (University of Waterloo and Dehcho First Nations)
  6. 6. CIMP205 - What does it take to make a female caribou fat? - (GNWT - ENR)
  7. 7. Bonus video! - The Dehcho Collaborative on Permafrost - (Wilfrid Laurier University)
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