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The NWT Discovery Portal is the most comprehensive online source for environmental monitoring knowledge in the Northwest Territories. It is administered by the NWT Cumulative Impact Monitoring Program. The Portal is a search tool that allows users to access data, metadata and reports. It is also a share tool that allows users to contribute by uploading research and monitoring information. [Learn More...]

What's New?

Access the CIMP Project List by Region 1999-2018

Click here to view the NWT CIMP Annual Report for 2015-16.

The NWT Inventory of Landscape Change webviewer is now live! Click here to access disturbance mapping information in the Northwest Territories.

NWT CIMP Overview Video. Discover the role of the NWT Cumulative Impact Monitoring Program in this short and informative video.

NWT Environmental Audit Video. The NWT Environmental Audit is an important tool the GNWT and its partners can use to improve coordination and effectiveness in resource management systems, while incorporating Traditional Knowledge and honouring obligations under land claim agreements and devolution.

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